People are central to our business and we work to ensure employees feel valued and engaged. Effective talent management is key to our competitiveness and remains a critical focus.

NMC Mining provides a meaningful livelihood to our employees, our success relies on an engaged workforce who support our values and share our corporate culture.

  • We strive to offer a dynamic, welcoming, safe and inclusive environment.
  • We offer fair pay and benefits to attract and retain the best talent.
  • We acknowledge our employees’ achievements and provide rewarding opportunities for development.
  • We foster and continuously improve an exemplary organizational culture.


We are committed to promoting a respectful, diverse and comprehensive workplace and implementing practices to ensure every individual has an equal opportunity to evolve according to their skills.

The diversity of our workforce is a strength and helps us succeed by bringing together varied experiences, backgrounds, skills and viewpoints.

We strive to create the conditions for greater inclusion within our leadership and workforce and eliminating barriers that impact workers.


The mining industry is still very male-dominated. At NMC, we are committed to including women at all levels. women are on our executive team and, among our supervisors .To support our vision of inclusion, our hiring process includes interviewing at least one qualified female candidate for each new open position.