Our social conduct is critical for us to maintain our social license to operate.

Our business can play an important role in catalyzing the economic development and social wellbeing of host governments and communities through:

  • The economic value arising through local supply chains, creating jobs and developing manufacturing capacity.
  • The economic value added to a country through profit share, royalties and taxes.
  • Community investment, through which we partner with local organizations to address local needs and build sustainable local economies.


Ethical practices and high standards of corporate governance are central (essential )to how we do business.

  • Our governance systems provide mechanisms for the evaluation and effective management of our operations, personnel, risks, and relationships. We invest in developing our leadership skills, policies, systems and engagement practices to meet expectations of being a trusted operator. We believe in clear, comprehensive disclosure and open communication with all parties involved in the project.
  • We have a ZERO tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, as set out in our Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy. Our Whistleblower Policy ensures that any of our employees, consultants, contractors, directors or officers may share concerns, confidentially and anonymously, about possible improprieties, illegal or unethical activities. The policy also ensures an impartial investigation of such concerns.