The Nubian Mining Company’s journey in the mining sector has been marked by continuous and noteworthy progress, consistently delivering positive outcomes.

The Exploration Department of NMC (Nubian Mining Company) has made significant advancements in their excavation activities, marking a substantial milestone. They have successfully completed 20 holes drilled using DD Drilling, reaching an impressive depth of 4454.6 meters. Additionally, they have conducted 44 trenches, with a depth of 2250 meters, resulting in 2410 samples and 2832 QAQC samples. Furthermore, the department has carried out 17 wall-faces, reaching a depth of 1137 meters, and obtaining 1293 samples, including 1513 QAQC samples. In total, these operations have yielded 4224 samples. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the findings, these samples have undergone meticulous examination and analysis at both the esteemed ISK Laboratory .