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NUBIAN MINING COMPANY (NMC) Is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws and regulations of the Arab republic of Egypt.The headquarters of NMC are in Cairo – the capital of Egypt.


NMC is aiming to become one of the leading companies in the mining sector through planned investment in innovative technology, modern plants and equipment as well as professional and experienced manpower.


NMC mission is to participate in strengthening and developing the mining industry of the Arab republic of Egypt through the engagement in exploration and/or production projects in the mining field in different areas and locations of the Arab republic of Egypt.

Our Goal

In a low gold price environment, we will achieve this by creating value by minimizing risks related to the exploration, mining, and processing of our mineral resources and increasing efficiency. Our primary focus is on gold production in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but we may diversify into other minerals and countries over time.


NMC commits to the highest corporate ethics, respecting community values and prioritizing local employment and infrastructure support. Its Occupational Health and Safety Policy reflects a dedication to a safe workplace.

Chairman Statement


The address highlights the significant role gold has played throughout history, captivating humanity with its beauty, rarity, and value. The speaker, likely a company chairman, honors the contributions of employees and the board of directors to the success of their gold mining operations, emphasizing the importance of their dedication, trust, and strategic guidance in navigating the mining industry’s complexities.


The company’s commitment to sustainable mining practices, environmental responsibility, and community engagement is underscored, acknowledging the challenges faced, including geological, regulatory, and market dynamics. The chairman points out the ongoing efforts towards innovation, safety, and operational excellence to meet these challenges and capitalize on the strong demand for gold. The speech concludes with gratitude towards stakeholders and the Egyptian government, affirming a commitment to integrity, resilience, and excellence in leading the company towards sustainable growth and industry leadership.

Our Consultants

SRK ES is one of the best exploration consultants all over the world, that will continue to provide technical consultancy services on a regular basis throughout the duration of the Um Rus exploration programs. It has a diversity geological staff of geologists, technicians where they entertain professional training quality control and quality assurance to Standard Operation Procedures, software validation and training to different aspects of exploration activities to ensure that every single stage is according to the mining international codes (Australian Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC) Standards and Canadian National Instrument 43-101.