The petroleum minister expressed admiration for the ongoing progress and advancements achieved by the Nubian Mining Company in Um Rus.

Engineer Tarek El-Molla, the Minister of Petroleum of Egypt, paid a visit to the exploratory site located in the Um-Rus area, which is operated by the Nubian Mining Company. The purpose of the visit was to personally oversee the progress of the exploratory work. The Minister commended the significant advancements made during the visit and expressed his satisfaction with the excellent results achieved thus far. Additionally, as part of the visit, Engineer Tarek El-Molla inaugurated the ISK laboratory, a valued partner in their successful endeavors. Notably, the ISK laboratory holds the distinction of being the sole Egyptian laboratory to be accredited by the National Accreditation Council in accordance with the international standard ISO/ISE 17025 for analyzing gold ores and associated metals.

The Nubian Mining Company’s journey in the mining sector has been marked by continuous and noteworthy progress, consistently delivering positive outcomes.

The Exploration Department of NMC (Nubian Mining Company) has made significant advancements in their excavation activities, marking a substantial milestone. They have successfully completed 20 holes drilled using DD Drilling, reaching an impressive depth of 4454.6 meters. Additionally, they have conducted 44 trenches, with a depth of 2250 meters, resulting in 2410 samples and 2832 QAQC samples. Furthermore, the department has carried out 17 wall-faces, reaching a depth of 1137 meters, and obtaining 1293 samples, including 1513 QAQC samples. In total, these operations have yielded 4224 samples. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the findings, these samples have undergone meticulous examination and analysis at both the esteemed ISK Laboratory .

The Nubian Mining Company continues to make significant progress in the mining sector, consistently achieving positive outcomes

The Exploration Department of NMC (Nubian Mining Company) has made remarkable strides in their excavation activities, achieving notable milestones. They have accomplished the successful drilling of 35 holes using DD Drilling, with an impressive total depth of 7098.6 meters, resulting in 5768 samples. Additionally, they have completed 3 holes using RC Drilling, reaching a depth of 348 meters and yielding 206 samples, including 238 QAQC samples. In total, the department has obtained 5354 samples from these operations. To ensure the utmost precision and dependability, all of these samples have undergone thorough examination and analysis at the esteemed ISK Laboratory. The findings derived from this meticulous process are accurate and reliable.

Nubian Mining Company continues to make positive strides in the mining sector

NMC’s Exploration Department has announced significant progress in excavation activities. They have successfully completed 14 holes drilled by (DD Drilling) with 4259 m in depth 736 samples ,11 holes drilled by(RC Drilling) with 2021 m in depth 2098 samples and 2466 (QAQC Samples) and 4 trenches with 305 m in depth ,225 samples and 264 (QAQC Samples).As a result of these operations, a total of 26640 samples. These samples have undergone meticulous examination and analysis by the esteemed ISK Laboratory and ALS Laboratory, ensuring accurate and reliable findings.

Nubian Mining Company Witnesses Growth and Advancements in the Portion

The Exploration Department of NMC (Nubian Mining Company) has reported successful excavation activities, including the completion of 15 drilled holes using (DD Drilling) with 4363.7 m in depth and 2794 samples ,37 drilled holes using (RC Drilling) with 4442 m in depth , 4343 samples 5110 (QAQC samples) and 67 trenches with 4114 m in depth ,3140 samples and 3696 (QAQC samples) . As a result of these operations, a total of 10832 samples. All of these samples have been carefully examined and analyzed by the reputable ALS Laboratory.

Tour Of Chairman And Leaders Of The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority Inside Our Camp

During the last visit of EMRA’s chairman and his accompany to our site, Mr. Issam Khorani and our exploration manager, Dr. Attia Makhlof discussed our recent achievements in the RC and diamond drilling activities.

They also visited the newly designed core yard and discussed our methodology for analyzing the core samples and how it could help us define the Gold anomaly
Mr. Issam also mentioned that the company is working closely with EMRA and other mining authorities to maximize the benefits and development of mining activities in Egypt.