Nubian Mining Company (NMC) entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with Shalateen Mineral Resources Company (SMRC) to explore part of the Aswan Concession held by SMRC. The terms of the JV are contained in an Agreement dated 14 Oct 2019.


The exploration license lies southern of Aswan concession which is nearby Aswan city ≈ 180 Km southeast far from Aswan in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

The area can be easily reached along the Aswan- Allaqi asphalt road (≈ 165 Km) and then along desert tracks.

The project is covering an area of approximately 600 Km2.

The Eastern Desert of Egypt constitutes the north-western tip of Arabian-Nubian Shield in NE Africa, a rapidly emerging significant global gold province.

Historic mining activities in the eastern desert dating back to the Pharaonic times.


The Egyptian Eastern Desert, Sudan, Western Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Yemen, Somalia, and Eritrea is belonging to the so-called Arabian Nubian Shield (ANS). ANS may be the largest tract of juvenile continental crust of Neoproterozoic age on Earth.

Geologically, the property includes Neoproterozoic island arc and ophiolite units, syn-to-post tectonic intrusive and Cretaceous sandstones. The property is structurally complex and includes several stages of compressional and transpressional deformation.

Aswan concession is located at wadi Allaqi region which has long history of tectonic activity, the project represents part of the Neoproterozoic Allaqi – Heiani suture. The structural history of the area has implication for models of the evolution of the Arabian-Nubian shield, and crustal growth in the Neoproterozoic, separated from the Onib-Sol-Hamed suture by the Hamisana Shear Zone.

Mineralization within the property includes vein-type and disseminated-type gold associated with quartz veins and altered serpentinite (“listwaenites”) respectively. It also includes historical and active artisanal gold workings that exploit bedrock and surficial material.

Technical Support

NMC entered into a contract with SRK ES and ANG to provide technical support. SRK Exploration Services Limited (“SRK ES”) is an associated company of the international group Holding company, SRK Consulting (Global) Limited (the”SRK Group”).

Arab Nubia Group (ANG) which is a company specialized in the mining services and has various services among geology investigations and technical supporting in the mining industry.